Aainda's board

A reliable foundation requires a reliable board. We are a group of enthusiastic and highly motivated volunteers of various ethnic backgrounds and age groups. That makes our board so special! Those who have their roots in Afghanistan form a bridge between Afghanistan and Aainda, and those rooted in The Netherlands a bridge between Aainda and Dutch society. Our board members had the privilege to enjoy higher education in various directions: disciplines ranging from industrial engineering to social sciences are represented in our board. And every one of us has his/her own work experience and skills, which make us together a miscellaneous and highly motivated team. Together we can make a difference!

"Together we can make a difference!"

All the work within Aainda is volunteer work. The board uses their own expertises, abilities and time. No monetary remuneration are given to the Board (click here for the compensation policy)The board of Foundation Aainda consistsof the following members:

Parwin Zamani (Chairman)

Inge Melchior (Secretary)

Farangis Hassani (Secretary)

Afshan Anzar (Treasurer)