Sir Asia girls' High School

When the Taliban came to power, all girls’ schools were banned, also the Sir Asia school. The Taliban was against education for women and many girls’ schools were destroyed or set on fire. Girls were not allowed education at all. The Sir Asia school disappeared at a glance. All effort to build the school had been for nothing.

In 2001 the Taliban regime came to an end. The Sir Asia school did no longer exist. However the  school restarted with 800 pupils, but in 2010 this number had increased to 3,500 and 85 teachers.

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Mahjube Herawi High School

This school was also burned to the ground by the Taliban to prevent the girls from being educated. After the fall of the Taliban regime, the girls went back to school, even though the building was gone. They had their classes in a tent on the ground of the former school. In 2012 a new school building was opened.

In 2013 we visited this school, a library or computer room was completely absent. The girls who go to this school are very poor. They have no money at all to buy school supplies.

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