This girls’ school in Kabul was founded in 1959. Many girls have studied here, who managed to continue their studies in universities or who found proper jobs. But this school was also burned to the ground by the Taliban to prevent the girls from being educated. After the fall of the Taliban regime, the girls went back to school, even though the building was gone. They had their classes in a tent on the ground of the former school. Later the school got a new place with the help of the Minister of Education. In 2012 the new school building was opened.

In 2013 when our chairperson Parwin visited Kabul, she also visited this school, together with the president of the Board of Representatives, Mohammed Zahir Azami. They got the chance to speak to Jamila Sharif, the principal of the school. She showed them the laboratory, which was very messy and unprofessional. A library or computer room was completely absent. Parwin made pictures of the problems that she observed there, hoping that one day she would be able to help.

The girls who go to this school live in the mountains (sherdarwaza) and their parents are very poor people. They have no money at all to buy their children school supplies. There is no safe drinking water in the mountains, so simply surviving takes precedence over school supplies for their daughters.  Therefore Parwin has decided to select this school as well, and to contribute to a beautiful educational future for these girls too.