Aainda - Future

The Aainda Foundation (Aainda means ‘future’) aims to improve the quality of schooling in Afghan girls’ schools by providing modern school supplies and educational facilities like computers and internet access. Initially, our focus will be on two specific schools in Kabul which account for  6,000 pupils. New technologies, internet access, and with it, free and open access to information from across the globe are essential tools in enabling these girls to fight for their future positions as emancipated women and valuable members of society. By providing them with access to information, they can learn about the rights they have and how to build an independent existence, free from dependency and violence. It will help these young women to recognize their own strength, and to use that power to contribute to the reconstruction of their country as equal members of society.

Photo by M.M. Akbari of Kabul

Photo by S. Webb/CC BY 4.0

To Kabul!

In May 2015 I went to Kabul to help the two selected girls’ schools – Sir Asia and Nahjube Herawe – with basic school equipment. We had the possibility to help only 200 primary school pupils with the money we had collected so far. We decided to fill 100 school backpacks per school, each filled with a variety of 10 kinds of school supply.